Our secret garden is now open for drinks and relaxating in an oasis of calm.

We are now open Friday and Saturday nights for drinks.


February Newsletter


It’s two months since we opened and what a fantastic reception we've had from everyone THANKYOU!

If you've enjoyed what you've had to eat and drink then please post on our Facebook page and if for any reason you haven't the door is at the front of the cafe...

We are of course joking and don't want anyone to have a bad experience here so please tell us and where possible we'll put it right.

You are all probably aware that valentines is looming and whether you like it or not, if you are in a relationship you really have to make an effort , particularly if you are in the doghouse or just generally need to build up some brownie points. To help you woo the love of your life we are opening on valentines evening for dinner,

 the menu is on the reverse of this newsletter.

Bookings only so don't hang about.

Sunday Sunday ...some of you may know that we have been opening on Sunday mornings however it's been pretty quiet so until the weather perks up and we can put some tables and chairs outside we are going to close. However we are going to start a 'Sunday lunch club' every other week…quite simply we will cook up a fantastic roast, alternating between beef, chicken and pork with all the trimmings followed by an equally delicious pud of some description. If you would like to partake in this lunchtime feast then please let us know as it will only be for those that have booked. The first is on Sunday 19th of Feb.

Last but not least, if you are a member of a group…
Rugby knitters, Rugby nudist club, or even the Rugby moustache appreciation society then look no further....hold your meetings and events here, just speak to one of our friendly team.

Once again thank you ....and remember...Three is the magic number x




01788 544782 

We have been featured in the Rugby advertiser this week:




We will now be closed Monday but open Sunday's from 9.30 till 1pm.



We have now opened to very good feedback and goodwill.

Fortunately it has been steady which is always preferable to a manic stressful opening where things go wrong, not to say that we haven't had a few hairy moments.


We look forward to the next few weeks before christmas and hope you choose to celebrate your celebrations with us.


One week and counting

The plan for today: take delivery of the counter, have the floor done, watch the sign go up.


The reality: no counter, no floor, no sign. As often happens like the recent series 'a new life in the sun' testifies, it is normally a few days before or the day iteself when the person responsible (not the owner!) realises they've forgotten to order plates and mild panic ensues.


Luckily we still have a week so anything can happen and a week is along time in politics....or restaurants!



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